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Experimental Server Nova

Wednesday, 12 Jun 2019 - Anguish

Our experiemental server Nova is now online.

The website FAQ isn't accurate for Nova right now but it will be updated in time.

Quick Information:

Nova is now PvP-Enforced
Experience yielded by monsters is increased by 8x
Skills and Magic level is gained 4x quicker
Regeneration rate is lowered by 4x on Nova
Runes now require 4x less mana to be conjured (Equal to Tibia 7.4 Values)

The level needed to buy the spell is equal to the level you need to have the mana required for the spell.

Example, Ultimate Healing Rune Requires 100 mana to conjure so at level 11 you are able to buy it.

NPCs doesn't tell accurate information if you ask them for the spells.

All will be updated in time.

Monday, 22 Apr 2019 - GM Anguish on Nova

fter finishing the test of enforced player vs. player combat, we will start one fresh game world at Friday 26th of April:

  •  Inferna, located in Germany with PvP-enforced combat

Time of the launch is to be announced

The experience gained from killing monsters will be increased by 4 times the authentic value.

Please note that we have updated the Tibia Rules concerning player killing. Keep in mind that playing on PvP-enforced game worlds is more difficult for unexperienced players. For details about the features of PvP-enforced game worlds please see the previous news.

As always only premium players are allowed to enter the new worlds during the first days. To keep the number of characters on Rookgaard on a reasonable level, the maximum number of players is limited as well. Soon we will raise the limit and also allow free account players to join. Also we want to remind everyone to respect the Tibia Rules, especially on the new worlds!

Have fun in Tibia!
Your Support Team

New worlds!

Sunday, 21 Apr 2019 - GM Anguish on Nova

Today we have launched two new worlds, Nova, which is a "Non-PvP world" and Zanera, which is a "PvP world". 

What is a "Non-PvP world"?

This means that all actions by which a player can harm another player will be prevented by the server:

Fighting: Selecting peaceful creatures, i.e., players and summoned or convinced creatures, for attacking is forbidden.
Magic: It is forbidden to shoot aggressive runes at peaceful creatures. Moreover, explosions caused by peaceful creatures will not harm other peaceful creatures.
Fields: Peaceful creatures will create a special kind of magic fields, which do not harm peaceful creatures and vanish rather quickly.
Bear Traps: They don't harm peaceful creatures.

Note that the Tibia Rules apply to all worlds - PvP or not. Violations will be punished accordingly!

There have been some more changes which affect both types of worlds:

NPCs: As you might know, some NPCs can heal wounded players. From now on they can help you even if they are talking with someone else. Just address them with "heal". Furthermore there are now waiting queues for most NPCs. If you say "hello", while an NPCs is talking, you will be queued and can talk to the NPC as soon he/she is ready.
Moreover, there are timeouts. If the interlocutor of an NPC doesn't say anything for 30 seconds, the NPC will abort the talk.

Protection Zone Block: players are not allowed to enter a protection zone for 60 seconds after any kind of aggressive action, i.e., attacking other players, shooting runes, or casting aggressive spells.

Have a lot of fun!
The Support Team

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