Considering hardly anyone plays on Nova anymore


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Could we get a bump to mana/hp regen? I know from post earlier why Nova has 4x lower regen. But could we change that to just 2x maybe? It had some sense when there were plenty of players but now waiting about 14 minutes (playing as paladin) for 100 mana is god-awful.

On a sidenote altho mana-price for runes has been reduced by 4x, some spells like conjure arrow/bolt/explosive have not been altered, which means paladins are "slightly" screwed by it.
Edit:It seems arrow-making spells had their mana altered. My bad. For my defense the super slow mana regen makes it feel as if I'm allowed to make 1 spell per hour. Sorry.

Playing Tibia almost like solo-game is kind of fun, but I can already feel the pain I'll have in the future of no runes made by sorc/druids. Some simple NPC selling runes would be nice. Just saying.

28 Aug 2019, 22:10
GM Anguish on Nova

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Hello :)

I hear you, I'll consider it, but we are trying to make some promotion towards the server.

On the question about runes NPC's, every magicshop sells runes if you didn't know.


29 Aug 2019, 13:32

Inhabitant of Nova
Position: Player Vocation: Paladin
Level: 28

I didn't notice NPC selling runes :)

Tbh after playing solo for a while I kind of got bored and went to check other OTS. I'll be checking this one bit later to see how it changed :)

Beyond annoying mana regen, all it lacks is playerbase to be really, really fun :)


30 Aug 2019, 02:50

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